Lexan is a polycarbonate material. It is the perfect alternative to burglar bars which are unsafe and unattractive. It is used in extreme high risk security areas. You commonly see it used in banks (bullet resistant), bank armor trucks, swat utility vehicles, airplanes, gas stations, race cars, (Nascar, NHRA, IndyCar, etc.) and NBA backboards, all considered to be high stress areas.

Mpact has developed its own unique system using 1/8 thick  Lexan (clear) to prevent smash and grabs on storefront buildings and residential homes. This new system was tested and exceeded high strength and adhesion test and comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s  warranty. Our Lexan also blocks out 99% U.V. rays so it qualifies for the tax deduction under the “Energy Efficiency ” allowance.

All ORDERS COULD TAKE 7 TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS. We will contact you to setup date for installation after we receive your product from the manufacturer.