Our homes should be a retreat from the stresses and strains of the world, a place to put your feet up.

Last year State Of Urgency reinforced my front and back doors with the Strike Out XL and installed security film on my windows. I was out of town when my neighbor called to tell me that two teenage boys were lurking around my home. The neighbor observed them looking for a possible key under the mat at the front door, then attempting to break the window to gain entry. Thanks to the security upgrades that State of Urgency installed the thieves were never able to gain entry and were arrested. -Ms. Anna, College Park, GA

Our company fabricates the Strike Out XL here in Atlanta, Ga for State of Urgency. After months of doing business with Mr. Jenkins I decided to try this product for myself. About two weeks after the installation, my alarm company called to inform me of a break in. I rushed home to find  the door with the Strike Out XL was intact but had multiple footprints where the burglar tried repeatedly to kick the door in.  I immediately installed the  Strike Out XL  on my other doors. This is a great product! -Mr. Laymond Suwanee, GA

Eight months after State of Urgency came to install the Strike Out I received a call from my alarm company alerting me that there was an unauthorized attempt to enter my home. I raced home and was relieved to find that even though my security door had been pried open the thief could not gain entrance to my home due to the reinforced door frame that the State of Urgency technician had installed. Thank you State of Urgency in helping me protect home. -Ms. Manigold, Union City, GA

I’ve had a break-in previously, so when I saw the State of Urgency advertisement, I jumped on the opportunity to safeguard my belongings. Less than a year later my alarm company called to notify me of an attempted break-in. When I arrived at my home I realized that the burglar wasn’t able to force his way in, the Strike Out door reinforcement had kept the thief out. It was well worth the investment to protect my property. -Mr. King, Atlanta, GA

It was Black Friday, exactly five days after State of Urgency came to secure my home by reinforcing my back door with the Strike Out… My husband is an OTR truck driver and had just left the day before Thanksgiving, leaving my infant son and I alone in the house. A man broke through my security door and was trying to force his way through the back door at 5 am. I  rushed to point my gun at the back door as I hit the panic button on my alarm system. After about ten forceful kicks the man realized that he couldn’t get in so he left. The police didn’t arrive until forty minutes later. I can’t begin to imagine what would have happened to me or my son if my back door hadn’t been reinforced. My husband immediately arranged for State of Urgency to come and install the Strike Out on our front door also. -Mrs. Starr, College Park, GA