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Doors are your home’s first defense against burglars. If they are compromised, there’s little you can do to protect yourself, your family and your belongings. Don’t let this happen; invest in door security products from Mpact  and keep intruders away.

The picture to the right was reinforced with our 18 inch strike plate kit, $60 including installation.

The Door Club and Strike Out XL Installed Together: A Platinum Package with 7,500 lbs. of resistance!

This is a platinum package that packs in the punch you want! No other door reinforcement can match the robustness and effectiveness of the Door Club-Strike Out XL combo.

Exterior door frames are important to keep your home secure. No matter how strong the lock, the door is only as difficult to kick in as the frame is strong. Exterior door frames are the single most important factor in the security of your doors. In modern construction, door frames are typically installed as a single unit known as a pre-hung door. The door frame is inherently the weakest component of the door assembly and offers little or no resistance to intruders.

What our products offer: Our strike plate increases the security of your door frame. To completely secure the door you must reinforce the door/deadbolt as well as the door frame.

  • The Strike Plate kits will reinforce the deadbolt and door frame to withstand 3500 lbs. of direct force.
  • The Strike Plate kit installed with the Door Club (4000 lbs. of resistance) will withstand over 7000 lbs. of direct force.  This combination cannot be matched by any other door product on the market!

 Burglars often enter homes through a poorly secured exterior door.   According to the FBI, 87% of all break-ins occur through a door even though the  homeowner had tried to secure it with a deadbolt or even an alarm system.

18 inch kit $100 – $125 Installed

48inch kit $200 – $225 Installed

Door Club $189 – $289 Installed

Here’s a fact: Most residential door frames are made of finger-jointed pine.   The wood frame gives way easily when a burglar pries on or even kicks the door.  This can occur even when the door or deadbolt are of high quality.   Doors with side-light windows are even more susceptible to forced entry since  the frame around them often is not easily reinforced.

This strike plate is a high-strength steel plate that reinforces the weakest part of a door system – its frame.  The product  works even better when used in conjunction with a high quality deadbolt and a U-shaped door edge protector. Installations are available for single door entrances or those with one or two side light windows.

Strike Out XL Kit,  Steel Material, Color White, Door Thickness (In.) 1-3/4, Jamb Shield Thickness (In.) 1/16, S.O. XL Length (In.) 59″, Jamb Shield Width (In.) 1, Knob to Deadbolt On Center Spacing (In.) 4.5 to 21.5, Includes 1 Strike Plate, For Use With Single Entry Exterior Doors (door edges are available in black, silver, and white

Reinforcement Bracket – White – Reinforcement Bracket Is 4″ Wide – For 3/4″ Jamb Thickness – For 1-3/8″ Door Thickness – Galvanized Steel – For Use On Doors With Wooden Jambs – 36″ L.

This door reinforcement is the perfect solution when you come home and find your door kick-in. Please don’t throw away the broken and damaged frame because after installation of this product the damage will be undetectable!

The Door Club™: Also An Excellent Solution for French Doors

French doors are made for aesthetic appeal, not security.  Some are so poorly constructed that one good shove will open them easily! Many newly constructed homes have French doors, instead of sliding glass doors, as the entrance to the patio.  As an entry point into the home French doors also need to be secured.

The Door Club™ is the ideal solution for securing French doors. This product comes from the makers of The Club® anti-theft tool. Once installed, the Door Club™ easily resists two tons (4000 pounds) of direct force, preventing burglars from kicking the door in, and keeping you secure. The Door Club also allows the door to open 2 inches to identify visitors.

  • You can effectively secure any door in your home with the Door Club security lock
  • Is one of the strongest anti-burglar devices available on the market
  • Resists over 2 tons of direct force, keeping burglars from kicking the door in
  • Stronger than conventional deadbolts and chain locks
  • Solid steel construction increases door security
  • View visitors (Door can open 2 inches while keeping 4000 lbs. against the door) with confidence and security.
  • Also serves as an attractive accessory for your door.

Dimensions: 14 inches high x 10 inches wide x 6 inches deep. It is available in brass and antique brass.

Available at $39.95 each

Installation is $125 each (wood floors)

Installation is $200 each (concrete/tile floors)


Customize your Door Club. State of Urgency will have your Door Club powder coated at an additional charge of $60 per unit.  Please let us know what colors you decide on in the description box when processing order.

The Door Club™ is the perfect solution for French Doors

View a video of The Door Club™ in action. 


We Do Not Recommend the Security Bars Currently being Sold on the Market!!!

A well known lock manufacturer has a security bar that is currently sold in home improvement stores. According to the manufacturer’s website, the security bar withstands up to 350 pounds of direct force. However, it has fallen short of expectations. Consumers have seen their door kick-in easily and their home burglarized.

Product Rating: A BIG F. Don’t waste your money!

Attractive Tax Refunds for Door Products!

You may be eligible for Tax Refunds of up to $500 for doors in accordance with the 2011 Energy Tax Credit rule. On February 17, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009. This bill extends and modifies the tax credits for windows, doors and skylights established in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Please note that tax refunds for door products (18 gauge strike plate or thicker) up to $500 labor not included.

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